Thursday, May 17, 2012

How much speech and language therapy is too much?

Lately, we have had several parents call and ask questions like:
  • Do other children receive school-based speech and language services, as well as, private therapy? 
  • Do multiple therapies (i.e., school-based and private) contradict each other? 
  •   My child will not receive speech and language therapy during the summer. Can we do private therapy during summer break?

At Bright Beginnings, we have many families that pursue both school-based and private therapy.  Our speech-language pathologists are glad to collaborate with other professionals (ie., teacher and/or school speech-language pathologist) to ensure consistency of goals and monitor carryover of skills to all of the child’s environments. We offer both individual and group summer services for those children who wish to continue speech and language therapy during the summer and then transition back into school-based therapy in August. If you would like to discuss additional therapy services for your child, feel free to contact us at 615-898-7461. 


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